Competing Myths of Popular Unconsciousness

by Go Genre Everything

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Competing Myths Of Popular Unconsciousness is the first GGE CDREP, Back in the day when it made sense to have such a thing, for a time.

It was originally released as a four track CDR, with a random selection of GGE recordings attached to fill up the rest of the blank space.

This bandcamp version just contains the four CMOPU tracks, without the extra bonus material.

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released October 14, 2013

Recording : Steve Frazer from Little Gold Studios at Irene Community Arts Warehouse Brunswick.

Production : GGE




Go Genre Everything Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: You're Not On A Motorbike CMOPU
Magic wisp of wool
Magic dead fish
Magic knowledge from the dead
Suicide will not rest in grave
Track Name: No Points For Originality CMOPU
Don't you think it's a bit like being alone
Don't you think it's a bit like being dead
Don't you think it's a bit like staying the same
Don't you think it's like not having any fun

No points for originality
Track Name: Automatic Zombi CMOPU
I've got this romantic ideal that i'm an automatic zombi to my heart
I sit and talk to my friends on the phone with my friends that are talking on the phone
Smile at the right people, ignore the wrong people, I know exactly who they are
I've got this romantic ideal that i'm an automatic zombi to my heart

Get out of the cave of death